DMG will use ad research for planning new stations

DMG’s Managing Director of metro stations Cathy O’Connor says she doesn’t know the name or the format of the impending new stations in Sydney and Melbourne yet.

She has told the Australian Financial Review’s Neil Shoebridge:

“There’s a lot of speculation about our new stations, but it is just that: speculation.

“We are in the very early planning stages. We’ve set up research processes, but we haven’t started conducting research for the new stations. That won’t start until next year… We’re not being coy for some strategic reason. We just don’t know.”

Following the recent release of DMG’s ad research (see earlier radioinfo story) , O’Connor would not give away the advertising approach of the new station, but said:

“We will never build a station that insults listeners with big blocks of ads…

The policy of never running more than two ads in a row came from consumer research when we were developing Nova. We’ll use research again to help create the new stations.”