Nielsen due to settle with Sport 927 – will 2SM be next?

An announcement is expected next week confirming that Nielsen Media Research has reached an out-of-court settlement with Melbourne’s Sport 927 over allegedly false reporting of radio ratings.

According to the report by Mark Day in the Australian, it is believed that NMR will pay Sport 927 between $1 million and $2 million in damages, and will issue an apology for understating the station’s audience.

In a knock-on-effect from the impending Melbourne decision, expectations have now been raised at 2SM, which also found itself in the same position as Sport 927.

Perhaps echoing Bill Caralis’ sentiments, 2SM morning presenter Leon Delaney let go with a serve at Nielsen Media Research saying 2SM was right and suggesting NMR might also like to pay damanges to his station.

Click below to hear part of Delaney’s comments.