Eardrum and CBAA give local feel to national campaign for Community Radio Plus app

Community radio is investing in themselves with the creation of the Community Radio Plus app.

The CBAA launched its marketing campaign this week using the services of Audio specialist agency Eardrum.

Andrew Morris, the Manager of Online Products and Services with the CBAA, said of the process:

“Getting the buy-in from such a diverse range of stakeholders was essential and the Eardrum team has created a customisable campaign the stations have embraced, and listeners will no doubt enjoy.”

A couple of things struck me about the campaign, firstly that agencies like Eardrum would rarely deal with community radio stations and secondly, that Ralph van Dijk, Eardrum’s founding creative director, was a listed as one of the copywriters!

I organised an interview with van Dijk who, as you can hear, is still as passionate about a great marketing message which resonates with clients, and more importantly, their current and future customers, as when he started Eardrum in London in 1990.

As someone who is more than a little jaded with the chew it up and spit it out approach that can dictate getting a commercial radio ad to air, van Dijk’s insights from 30 plus years of industry experience are valuable, as was the care he has taken into creating a national campaign that is also human and local.

You can hear the results below. Listeners are being encouraged to share on social media the most unusual location they’ve accessed their station using the app, which is freely available now via the App Store or Google Play.

CBAA Community Radio Plus – Launch https://youtu.be/z1PbPQeAP7Y

CBAA Community Radio Plus – Bus https://youtu.be/0Wsfe15XW28

CBAA Community Radio Plus – Fish https://youtu.be/jj0goplRmAA

CBAA Community Radio Plus – Roof https://youtu.be/lQ6Wa2Qmlp0

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