Ed Kavalee in, Harley Breen out on 2Day FM

‘I’m jumping ship, I’m getting out!’

Em Rusciano made the announcement this morning, saying 2Day breakfast co-host Harley is ‘leaving us … for selfish reasons. No really, he’s decided to go back to standup and be with family.’

‘And sleep in in the morning,’ Harley added. 

Before identifying her new co-host waiting in the studio, Em said ‘this is like my husband is meeting my lover. And my new co-host is here like, “nope, that’s not what it’s like.”‘

The Em & Harley Show hasn’t been able to lift the Hit Network from its ratings slump since taking over from Rove McManus and Sam Frost in the coveted breakfast slot at the start of 2017.

After a surge in audience numbers earlier in the year, Em & Harley’s ratings dropped down to just a 4.0 per cent audience share in the latest radio survey, while WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda and KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O both enjoyed a 10.3 per cent share.

Ed Kavalee will be joining the show in 2018, known for his fast comedy and improvisation skills and a familiar face to Sydney audiences, as a recurring panellist on Channel Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention?

As a former host of the Marto, Ed & Robin breakfast show on Triple M Brisbane, Ed is no stranger to breakfast radio.
The Hit Network’s Head of Content Gemma Fordham, on Ed joining the team: “He’s superbly talented and we know the Sydney listeners will love the addition of Ed to the show.”
Ed Kavalee on joining the breakfast show: “I’m very excited to join The Hit Network and the 2Day FM Sydney Breakfast show with Em. Bring on 2018. We are really looking forward to it. I just hope my old room at my share house on Cleveland street is still available.”

Em Rusciano said of her new co-host: “I’m bloody pumped to have the talented, funny and clever human that is Ed Kavalee joining the show in 2018. As long as he doesn’t object to me blatantly using the show to sell my comedy concerts (‘Evil Queen’ tour on sale now!), books (My Memoir: ‘Try Hard’ is on sale now!) and musical downloads (New single ‘Brand New Day’ out now!) – we’re going to get along just fine. Bring on 2018, I’m excited, it’s going to be low key hectic.”
Harley Breen will be finishing up on the 2Day FM Sydney Breakfast Show at the end of the year. 


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