Ed Sheeran plays Nova’s Red Room on his way to the Olympics

He recently sang his hit song The A Team for royalty and millions of viewers in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. Now he’s heading back to London to sing it again, this time for an audience of billions watching the Olympic closing ceremony. But in the meantime Ed Sheeran found time to play for an hour and a half to a group of about 120 in Nova’s Red Room at the Bucket List on Bondi Beach.

Sheeran, who credited the Nova network as the first in Australia to play his songs, might have kept singing indefinitely had the conditions of the venue’s liquor licence not forced the publican to intervene.

There is nothing quite like the experience of seeing world class talent, who would normally fill an arena, perform in an intimate setting. It was certainly enough to draw dmg’s top people to the party.

Apart from the on-air folk pictured, the select group of clients, record company types, Nova contest winners and this radioinfo hack, rubbed shoulders with Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch, Network Program Director, Paul Jackson, Marketing Director, Tony Thomas and Sydney manager, Tim McDermott, among others.

Below: from left to right Meshell, Tim & Marty. Smallzy, Johnny Ruffo. Wippa’s friend, Lisa Robertson and Wippa.