Elettra Radio Doco now available for download

‘Elettra’ is the story of the inventor of radio Guglielmo Marconi as told by his daughter Princess Elettra.

Encouraged by her friendship with Australian broadcaster, Ben Starr, the Princess opens her home and her heart to recall and relive her family’s saga.

This Australian documentary produced by  Patrick Kayrooz and Ben Starr premiered in Rome last year and was also shown at Radio Days Europe to both critical and popular acclaim. It is now available for purchase or rental through VIMEO on demand.

As a girl, Elettra watched her father create magic. For her, the use of radio technology to save the 
lives of the Titanic survivors and to track down criminals was just part of her father’s wizardry. He had started a revolution. Wireless became the most fabulous invention of the 19th century: the public thought it was miraculous, and leading scientists of the day could not understand how it worked.

Elettra inherited the Marconi empire when she was seven years old. Having spent her life travelling the world to promote her father’s legacy, the Princess now plans to turn her crumbling family palace in Bologna into a radiant academy for the arts and science.

From the gardens of enchanted villas, to the corridors of the Vatican, we peek into the cracks of a new “Dolce Vita”, where nothing is quite what it seems.


ELETTRA from Ronin Films on Vimeo.

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