Eleven new shows for Acast with more than $30M in returns for local podcasters

Independent podcast company Acast continue to grow. Since launching in 2017 in Australia and New Zealand they’ve delivered podcast creators returns of more than AUD $31 million and had more than 31 million monthly listens. This year they’ve invested in 11 new shows spanning comedy, sports, true crime and business content.

Acast allows all podcasters, irrespective of their size or location, to discover their audience and make money from their craft, on their own terms. Australia and New Zealand podcast creators have earned $31 million in advertising revenue since Acast launched locally, retaining full creative and commercial control of their audio brands.

Mark Bouris, host of business centric The Mentor and Straight Talk podcasts is now collaborating with Acast, as is Casefile Presents and their new true crime series The Bakersfield Three.

Bouris’s successful podcasts already have an engaged audience, advertisers a significant back catalogue. The Bakersfield Three had over 700,000 listens locally and 4 million globally within four weeks of launching.

Other recent additions to the Acast Creator Network include Alpha Blokes, Basically Besties, Girls That Invest, Hello Sport, Only Wrong Answers, To Be Frank with Constance Hall, We Got the Chocolates and We Mean Well. Between them they’ve had nearly 2.5 million local monthly listens and more than three million globally.

Content Director of Acast AU/NZ Guy Scott-Wilson

Guy Scott-Wilson, Content Director of Acast AU/NZ said:

“As a home for independent podcasters, it’s great to add such a broad range of talented voices to the Acast Creator Network reflecting the incredible things that are happening in this medium across Australia and New Zealand and offering our commercial partners new and innovative routes to market. These are ambitious audio creators at the forefront of podcasting in this part of the world, including prominent voices in a wide range of key categories. What unites all of these partners is that they value independence and the ability to do things on their own terms, and they have been able to build large-scale and highly engaged audiences by doing just that. As a platform, Acast is committed to empowering creators like these to continue to grow and achieve their ambitions while retaining full creative and commercial control. These revenue numbers reflect how Acast continues to supercharge the audio creator economy in this part of the world.”

Henrik Isaksson, Managing Director of Acast AU/NZ said:

“Only a few years ago we set out on a mission to create the most valuable marketplace for podcasters, no matter their size. It’s clear that although it’s only the beginning, we are well and truly on the way to achieving this objective. This major milestone would not have been possible without the support and trust from our podcasters, agencies and partners. With that said, fulfilling Acast’s promise to deliver unprecedented returns to podcast creators is incredibly rewarding and to see that Acast has delivered $31 million dollars to creators, since launching in Australia and New Zealand, is a testament to the strong relationships and services we offer.”


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