Christmas Advertising Season

To paraphrase a line from Love Actually: It’s Christmas and at Christmas you have to… release your latest ad campaign.

Woolworths unveiled its 2023 Christmas creative last week, celebrating the little things that make Christmas special, including coming together over the festive season with loved ones (and lobsters).

The integrated campaign, which includes a series of 15 second radio spots promoting the company’s Christmas offers was produced in partnership with M&C Saatchi within the Greenhouse Collective.

A 60 second tv commercial features children dressed as fresh fruit heading to their Christmas Concert, setting up the premise for the campaign.

Woolworths also sponsored a Christmas playlist on Spotify as part of the campaign.

The content follows the journey of school children dressed to represent fresh food from across regional Australia, including cherries from Young, NSW and mangoes from Dimbulah, QLD, as they venture to perform in a Christmas Spectacular for their family and friends. When one child forgets their costume en route, the children and a few parents band together to help make a spectacular Christmas cracker costume just in time for the show.

Richard Morgan, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi said: “This year more than ever, the idea and energy behind this campaign feels like it’s right for its time. Set to a reimagined version of the classic track ‘Everybody needs somebody to love’ made famous by The Blues Brothers, it captures the spirit of a community coming together from across our growing regions to share a little moment that makes Christmas special. It was brilliant working with the Woolworths team and Finch to bring it to life, we couldn’t be prouder.”

Director Michael Gracey and Finch Productions filmed and produced the commercial, capturing scenes in Far North Queensland, and regional locations across New South Wales.

Click the pictures to see the TVCs.

Target is also jingling with Christmas cheer, with an ad from AJF Partnership that uses Jingle Bells as it’s theme. The campaign places Target at the centre of Christmas celebrations, with the rework tune, ‘Target All The Way’.

The campaign features radio ads, instore advertising, a tv campaign, outdoor and online placements.

The creative agency is AJF Partnership, the media agency is OMD and the production company is Scoundrel.


And of course where would Christmas be without Coca Cola echoing the seasonal colours with its latest campaign telling us the world needs more Santa-like acts of kindness, rather than being product-centric.

‘The World Needs More Santas’ hinges on the idea that through acts of kindness, anyone can embrace their inner Santa. Kindness is one of the brand’s “core values” according to Islam ElDessouky, Coca-Cola’s global creative, strategy and content lead.

According to Coke in the UK, the company’s Holidays are Coming jingle, used for several years, has become so iconic that two in five (38%) Brits would add it to their playlists if they could, so they could listen to it all year long, and over two-thirds (67%) say it gets stuck in their head.

The Director of this year’s ad is Pontus Lowenhielm and the UK Production Company is Stink Films.


Radio Christmas has put together what it considers the 10 best Christmas ads from Europe this year. Enjoy!


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