Erin Molan lets rip on conspiracy theorists

Former 2GB Sports Mistress,Erin Molin, now part of the 2DayFM Morning Crew, has delivered a spirited attack on Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists.

Leaving her Breakfast partners, Dave “Hughesy” Hughes and Ed Kavalee all but speechless, Molan said on air, “If you’re one of the people using platforms, including the comments on my social media, to spout conspiracy theories that covid-19 is fake, that all the governments in all of the world have come together and created a pretend virus to ruin everyone’s lives, including their own and the lives of their children, to cripple economies and go into massive debt that every health care worker who’s had to tell a family of the 4.2 million people that have died and… succumbed to this disease, that they are all in on a conspiracy theory and they’re reading from the same script…

“Let me say this, with the greatest amount of respect… You are batshit crazy. You are dangerous. You are in need of serious help.”

In other parts of the SCA Network…

Triple M Mackay: brekkie guys Jay & Dave got Vaxxed on air last Monday  

TRIPLE M BRISBANE – The Big Breakfast with Marto and Margaux… 
While they aren’t preaching for people to get vaxxed, they are rolling the message into a couple of promotions: 
“Who’s getting the jab” 
We play a montage of 5 celebrities “getting the jab” – (“oww, owww, oww” etc) – name all 5 mystery voices and win 5k. 
Kicks off with Big Breakfast and across the day. 
“Double Jab Tuesday” 
A play on ‘Double Shot Tuesday’ – every Tues they play two fave Triple M artists back to back (double shot) – but at the moment, they call it a ‘double jab’ 
Mick Molloy Triple M Melbourne gets his jab 

Dave Hughes, 2Day FM gets vaxxed on air 
Fifi and Fev, The Fox get vaccinated 



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