Everyone is a control freak, they are demanding and fickle: #RDE15

Laura-May Coope is the co-founder of Social Life, one of the UK’s top social media agencies.  She previously led the social media strategy for BBC Radio 1 for over 4 years.

Laura-May was one of the first speakers at Radioday Europe 2015, speaking on social media.
You Got Me Feeling Emotions

The challenge with all traditional radio stations around the world is to be more relevant to their online audiences as social media continues to grow, and especially engage with the younger generations.  Laura-May’s experience with BBC 1 and now Social Life says that effective engagement is all about the story telling power of creative social media, and how it can not only create but also maintain long term emotional relationships with listeners.

It can be summed up in 3 different words:

Access What does radio have? Access to relevant talent, guests and artists
Reward. What do fans need to stay loyal? Reward
Emotions. What does reward create? Big, fat, beautiful emotions.  This creates forms of conversation, sharing and dedication with your audience

When you are creating content for social media, Laura-May provides a simple check list to help get you started:

1. Invite people in
2. Boring doesn’t exist online. Things that seem dry in theory, can be entertaining and valuable.  Be brave and find the engagement
3. Reward and entertain above all else.
4. When it’s personal, people care and share.
5. Introduce new routines that people can relate and contribute to. Eg. Sharing and discussing important TV moments, or looking for ways to extend TV moments to unique content.
6. Everyone is a control freak.  They are demanding and fickle.  How can they narrate their journey with your content? Can you provide choice? Can audiences play with your content? How can they have a say?
7. Don’t forget the old.  It’s ok to celebrate heritage and nostalgia, just do it in a unique way

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