Face recognition, voice control and more: The Datafication Project #RadioAlive2019

Douglas Nicol, leader of the Datification project at The Works, discussed in-depth research about how Aussies are using voice interfaces and what marketers have to do to reach them in an afternoon session at Radio Alive 2019.

The Datafication Project started way back in 2011 with a simple aim; to independently uncover truths and insights about how Australians really communicate on social platforms. Since then 8 years of data driven insights have been collected to inform industries about the best ways to gather and use data

Your voice is also a fundamental part of your identity:It can tell us your age, gender and your nationality. Encrypted voiceprints can be used to identify yourself and avoid fraud.But your voice can reveal your state of mind and wellbeing too:When you’re happy, sad, angry or tired. It can even be an early indicator of coronary artery disease and illnesses like Parkinson’s disease as well as a biometric indicator for mental health issues like depression, PTSD and anxiety.

Today, we’re using our voices in new ways As a human interface with computers. We can ask questions, give commands, complete tasks with AI on smart phones, in our cars and in our homes.Your voice is the new keyboard, your words the new typing, tapping and swiping.

Human interfaces like voice are becoming mainstream. 69% of survey respondents reported to use voice to interact with technology.

So, what are we doing with our voices? What are the main uses?

The simplest of applications like ‘what’s the weather forecast?’ dominates our use today. But we can also see search query questions on Smart Speakers are becoming longer and more complex and conversational than traditional browser typed queries.

The project found that more in-depth spoken intent will accelerate and lead to more sophisticated uses like shopping, paying bills and booking a flight. The increasing penetration of smart home devices in our homes will also see voice as a key access point for managing many aspects of our houses from reducing power bills to security.

The full report is here.



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