Tips from the world’s most creative radio stations: Wade Kingsley #RadioAlive2019

The world’s most creative radio staions do 5 things better according to Wade Kingsley at one of the afternoon sessions at Radio Alive.

Here is his list, and his tips to make your station more creative.

1. They are more inventive.

They can make somethign out of nothing. Those with the fewer resources are often the most creative because they are more hungry. Take the resource and money component out of the equasion and just begin with a good idea and good storytelling. To be more creative, work with less, not more.

2. They do different.

Secret sound works… but please, please try and do something different!

The best stations take concepts that work, but they do them differently. Work on the creativity of the execution.

3. They are entertaining on purpose.

A lot of radio is formulaic and pretty terrible, it sounds predictable.

Care less about the target and try to be more entertaining.

4. They give people access.

They are absolutely involved and interactive. Give access to your listeners, get them involved, let them experience the show somewhere in the real world through events, concerts and interactions.

What do you have on the air that you can make into a shared experience, a chance for listeners to get together. Listeners will get involved if you give them a chance to do so.

5. They embrace sales.

The most creative stations do embrace sales because sales is what can make your ideas happen. Content Directors think the hour only has 45 minutes and they ignore the time that is ad breaks, but listeners hear 60 minutes.

Think about the whole 60 minutes, work with your sales team to make sure there are 60 minutes of great content. Be creative with the whole hour.

In another session, Craig Bruce spoke to a range of broadcasters in his Gamechanges Radio live podcast. View it by clicking below.



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