False Alarm for Fire Brigade at Sea FM

SEA FM’s Morning Crew – Nelly & Blunty attracted the wrong type of attention this morning as they accidentally set off the SEA FM fire alarms while filming a commercial for Fire in the Sky.

Nelly (pictured) has told radioinfo what happened:

“The commercial starts with a sparkler being lit, which was done in the SEA FM Studio. Copious amounts of smoke and sparks set the fire alarms off attracting 3 Fire trucks.”

With the Fire Brigade being “such good sports” they ended up in the Commercial. The only real loser from all of this was Blunty, who ended up wet…..very wet.

“Check the footage airing on Channel 7,” says Nelly.

The Commercial will also highlight the date for the annual fire extravaganza held on the Fitzroy River – 4th December 2004.