Felicity Urquhart returns to Saturday Night Country

After a hiatus of over two years, Felicity Urquhart returns to the Saturday Night Country microphone on ABC Local Radio this week, after taking time out raise her young family.
“Wow, has it been that long?” said Felicity.
“As a listener over the past couple of years I‘ve really enjoyed listening to Catherine Britt, who brought her own style to the program and, with her Dad Steve, the kitchen sessions were always great entertainment.”
  (See our earlier report on Catherine Britt here)
This year Urquhart will introduce new segments to the program, including Saturday Night Country ‘House Concert’, which will give listeners a unique live performance, by interesting and amazing artists each week.
“I’m really excited to be back and looking forward to sharing SNC with all the country music lovers of Australia. So gather some of your closest friends, pick someone’s lounge room or back deck and set a few chairs or blankets out, refreshments are optional but recommended, cause we’ll bring the best of country music, including a live concert each week,” said Felicity.
Program features will include:

  • Saturday Night Country House Concert
  • The best new music from Australia and overseas
  • Album of the week, which will feature throughout the show
  • A special Music Download Profile, where we’ll discover which country music songs have inspired and at times determined what career path our guests have taken.

Felicity Urquhart returns this week to Saturday Night Country on ABC Local Radio at 10pm.

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