Fire Brigade called to 3AW – building evacuated

At five minutes to 9:00 this morning, as 3AW execs were huddled in the boardroom waiting for the results of Survey 8 to land, someone noticed a strange smell in the room.

It was a “plasticky, smoky kind of smell,” according to station manager, Stephen Beers.

Soon after, the fire alarm rang. By the time the 9 0’clock News came on, the Fireys had arrived and the building had been evacuated.

Melbourne listeners were forced to endure listening to Sydney radio for almost 20 minutes as 2GB was patched in before the “all clear” was given and everyone returned upstairs to pore over the Survey results – which were great for 3AW, BTW – up +1.4 for a 15.1 share overall and 22.8 for Breakfast.

The fire? No fire – apparently, just a minor problem with the building’s heating system.