‘First’ Fleet precedes Star 1045 ‘Rain Dance’

Comedian, writer and former 2Day FM breakfast co-host, Greg Fleet, has found himself a new radio gig with DMG’s new Central Coast station, Star 1045.

He has begun filling in for one half of the Meshel and Todd breakfast show, while Todd Widdicombe goes off on a short paternity leave. Apart from his recent stint on 2Day with Wendy Harmer, which ended last year, Fleet has also done breakfast radio in Adelaide.

With Todd becoming a father, the hot topic on everyone’s lips at Star 1045 has not been speculating on the baby’s name, but what the new celebrity parent is going spend the $3000 baby bonus on!

Widdicomb and his wife, Michelle, are the proud parents of Noah, born at 3.8k in Gosford Hospital. Mother and son are doing really well, while dad is apparently at a local watering hole celebrating!

To ‘wet the baby’s head’, Meshel and Fleet are doing their bit from 7.30am today to initiate some rain on the NSW Central Coast – a rain dance with a difference at the Gosford Waterfront.

Initially, they wanted a nude dance, but soon discovered the most famous naked rain dance from Nepal could only be performed by a large group of women. To ensure everyone locally could be included, Meshel and Todd have discovered an ancient dance from native America – and being naked is optional!

Described as a ritualistic “line” dance, this was popular among native Americans, who were agriculturists, specifically the Iroquois and Pueblo nations. Meshel and Todd asked NSW Premier, Bob Carr, if he had heard of a rain “line” dance, and he replied “No, but if it helps, anything’s a goer!”. When asked to choose a song for this special occasion, Carr was keen on “something from ‘Saturday night Fever’!”. Star 1045 is not sure if people will wear a white suit, but says it will accept any sort of attire – even no clothes at all!

Meanwhile, Star 1045 has a ‘huge’ new show, ‘Loose Heads’ from 8-10am on Saturday mornings with ‘big’ Darrell Eastlake and Michelle Keighran, wrapping up local, national and international sport.

Eastlake will continue his regular ‘drop in’ on breakfast between 7.00 and 7.30, Monday and Friday, to talk about his beloved footy.