First NZ survey cancelled

The first survey in New Zealand has been cancelled by the Radio Broadcasters Association, as they browse the market for other providers that will bring an enhanced surveying method to the table.

The announcement comes at the expiration of the previous survey provider’s contract.

The Radio Broadcasters Asscoation says they need more time to locate a research company who will effectively reflect how the younger generation are consuming radio. The previous provider was TNS.

“It’s about looking at what methodologies are available from TNS and from other research companies we are talking to,” Bill Francis (pictured), chief executive of Radio Broadcasters Association told the New Zealand Herald.

The commercial radio industry in NZ is only surveyed twice a year with the second taking place in August and September. 

The effect of cancelling this survey will likely be cautious advertisers and missed revenue opportunities for stations that have increased their audience share since the previous survey in October 2014.

Lindsay Mouat, chief executive of the Association of New Zealand Advertisers told the New Zealand Herald the cancellation of the survey was disappointing.

“Those advertising on radio will be looking for this to be resolved as soon as possible so they can have access to up-to-date audience metrics.”

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