Hit Branding comes to Fox and 2Day

Preparing for the return of the their main breakfast stars next week, 2Day Sydney and Fox Melbourne have reskinned their websites with the Hit imagery developed first at SCA’s Adelaide station.

The Fox and 2Day sites now bear the green and red livery of the Hit Brand.

Unlike Hit Adelaide, which ditched its old name, SAFM, in favour of the new brand, the network’s main stations have merged their existing brands with the Hit tag line, combining the word Hit with the call number, followed by the old brandname. “Hit 104.1 2Day FM” is one of the variations being used on air in Sydney.

There is another advantage of renaming the network.

Some time ago SCA was contemplating rolling out the Today brand to its regional stations, but, with ACMA licence conditions hanging like a millstone around the neck of Sydney’s 2Day FM, it became untenable to spread the name to other stations in the network.

Now that the stations have a new brand, it will be possible to roll out the ‘Hit’ station name regionally if the network eventually decides to do so.

Dan & Maz and Fifi & Dave will return to air on 2Day and Fox from next Monday.

The B105 Brisbane and 92.9 Perth websites have not yet undergone their facelift.

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