Fitzy and Wippa to host TV’s 20 to 1

Nova’Fitzy & Wippa will host comedy countdown TV show 20 to 1.

Re-booted and full of surprises, a very different 20 to 1 is coming to Nine Network in 2016, fronted by brand new hosts Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.
From stuff you know and love, things you loved before but have forgotten to and celebrities that you thought you knew, Fitzy & Wippa will be unpredictable guides through the wild world of pop culture. 
Fitzy said, “I am excited so to be hosting the show, I have so many emotions about it, 20 in fact, and we will be counting them down in the first episode. Episode two we will be counting down the 20 guests that Wippa had at his 21st.”
Wippa said, “Every NYE for the past decade I’ve been counting down from 10 and it’s never felt like enough. Finally a proper countdown and you can try and kiss the person next to you when you get to number 1…Fitzy has soft lips.”

They talked about it with Pete and Lisa on the TODAY Show this morning.

Fitzy & Wippa can be heard weekdays on Nova 96.9’s breakfast show and nationally from 6pm on the Nova Network. 

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