Tim and Elizabeth divorce thanks to KIIS 101

You may remember Melbourne KIIS 101.1 with Matt & Meshel, announced recently they would be giving away a divorce.
This has been generated by Meshel’s own recent experience with divorce, which she’s been very candid about on air.
The competition is designed to create content that opens dialogue on how listeners deal with break ups, separation and divorce – and help those who have ended their relationship but are unsure how to navigate the next stages.

The first couple has come through the process, and they’re currently airing our second couple.
“Tim and Elizabeth” had been married for nearly two decades but had been growing apart for a long time and separated not long ago. They had never had what they described to be a ‘passionate relationship’ and ultimately Elizabeth made the call to end the marriage. While Tim was gutted initially, he was able to be honest with himself, his wife and their children about realising he was actually gay. On-air Elizabeth said she was incredibly proud Tim had been able to be honest, and the pair are on the road to discovering a friendship with each other.

KIIS had a very strong, positive reaction from listeners to the story – with callers expressing how they in the past had found themselves in similar situations.
This week they’re talking with “Kathryn and Sonny”, who decided after three weeks of marriage they had made the biggest mistake.

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