Fitzy & Wippa’s Valentines Day gift for Ray Hadley

Nova 969’s Fitzy & Wippa, in cahoots with Human Nature and Ray Hadley’s fiancé Sophie have pulled the ultimate Valentine’s Day stich up on 2GBs morning star.
Ray & Sophie are getting married in June and Fitzy & Wippa thought she deserved a Valentines day present from Ray, so roped the Human Nature boys into performing Ginuwine’s Pony for Ray.
Fitzy pretended to be a caller on Ray’s show, but wasn’t fooling anyone.
Ray “Fitzy, you have got the most recognisable voice. You must think I’m a complete imbecile that I wouldn’t recognise your voice”
Fitzy “Well Ray we know you haven’t got anything planned for Sophie on Valentine’s Day. Everyone, you’re about to get a special rendition of the song that Ray performs for Sophie at home only wearing a cowboy hat, welcome to the studio Human Nature!”
Human Nature then perform their acapella version of ‘Ray’s Pony’

Ray “I’ve promoted you blokes, every album you’ve had that’s gone platinum, think of all the Motown love songs you’ve sang but you’ve come in here with a pornographic version and someone’s telling me now it’s on some movie about a male stripper!”
Human Nature “Magic Mike!” 


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