From footy to press, on radio and TV, Lou Richards was a true legend

He was one of the first of his breed to follow a successful footy career with one in the media.

Many have followed in have followed in Lou Richards’ footsteps but none have managed to become ingrained in the football public’s psyche quite like him.

When he hung up the boots in 1955 – after 250 games for Collingwood and captaining the club to its 1953 premiership – television had not yet begun in Australia. Everyone on the radio at the time spoke proper plum-in-yer-mouth English. Lou came along with his broad Aussie accent. 

He spent most of his early radio days at 3DB (it converted to FM in 1988 as 3TTFM, then 3TTT and is now known as KIIS 101.1). But by the time TV came along, Lou was ready to cement a long career as a multi-media personality covering VFL in newspapers Television and radio, including a stint on Triple M with the D-Generation.

Sadly, Lou Richards passed away at 94. He’ll be sadly missed.

Triple M’s Hot Breakfast co-host and Collingwood president Eddie McGuire said, “No man has done more for our game. He was a quintessential Collingwood man who spoke to the entire football world.” McGuire said.

This tribute was broadcast on Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday



Eddie McGuire’s tribute to Lou Richards –

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