Meet the 12-year-old who builds radio stations

Remember when we introduced you to Josh Agnew? At the time he was possibly Australia’s youngest radio GM at 10 years old. 

It was May 2015 and he was not only the General Manager (and announcer) of JNet, an Australian Internet/Broadcast Radio Station but was also host of two other shows on 97.1FM a community radio station in Oatlands, Tasmania, Blast from the Past and Hot 20.

In fact our coverage sparked big interest in Josh in his hometown of Hobart appearing on local TV, two radio stations and the paper.

radioinfo thought it was time to get an update on where Josh is at in 2017 on the eve of his 13th birthday.

Is he still in the radio game, or lost interest and onto the next thing?

Well, he’s built another radio station.

Pulse FM is a youth community/narrowcast radio station serving the Kingborough and Huon Municipalities.

“Pulse FM gives young people a voice in our community, through programming and school-based training; and promotes local activities and artists,” says Josh.

Pulse FM has been operating for 2 years with limited resources.

“We aim to give youth a voice in their community and encourage youth engagement in local projects and events,” says Josh.

“We have been involved in discussions with local musicians and promotional activities for a diverse range of outlets.”

Pulse FM launched FM transmissions on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017 from Ashlins Hill in Geeveston.

“We have received listener coverage reports from as far as 40 kilometers away.”

Pulse FM broadcasts online at, on 87.6 FM in the Huon Valley, and are currently working on their own mobile app.

Pulse FM is the only community based radio station in the state using the Radio Data System (RDS).

“We are currently looking for ways to fund a repeater site in Dover, Cygnet and Kingston.” 

At this point can I remind you this is an interview with a 12-year-old. That’s not patronising, it’s just amazing.

“Let’s just say I get a lot of surprised faces.”

It’s at this point we have to wrap our chat with Josh up.

“Sorry, I’ve got NAPLAN in a few minutes so can’t write a full answer.”

Oh the irony. NAPLAN is the platform for Governments, education authorities and schools to discover whether or not young Australians are meeting important educational outcomes.

“But if you have space can you add Pulse FM would like to thank Tasmanet for providing Pulse FM with a digital studio to transmitter link and tower space.”


“Pulse FM would also like to thank the various companies including The Telos Alliance, Rode Microphones, Claesson Edwards Audio and Shure who donated hardware and software that made Pulse FM possible.”


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