Former Austereo director bitten by Pie Face

What is it with ex-Austereo execs and their penchant to invest in fast food? 

We all know of former Austereo Network PD Jeff Allis who, with his wife Janine co-founded Boost Juice and has never looked back. Then there’s former CEO Brad March who has a major investment in a chain of regional sushi bars which are reportedly doing well.

Not so lucky is former founding executive and later Director of Austereo Brian Bickmore who put his money into Pie Face, the popular, but apparently not popular enough, meat pie and pastry snack outlets seen around Australia, New Zealand and in parts of the U.S.

Today it seems Mr Bickmore found out along with fellow shareholders that the organisation has been put into voluntary liquidation.

Still, he’s in good company. Other high profile investors reports the SMH include Tribeca Learning founder Adam Davis, Fat Prophets founder Angus Geddes, and retail entrepreneur Brett Blundy, who owns Bras N Things and soon to be floated Lovisa.

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