Frontier Silicon supports DAB+ in Germany

Frontier Silicon will make a financial commitment toward the launch of the new national German DAB+ radio service through a significant advertising contract. This is significant as Germany’s broadcast licensing regime is state based and the coming of national digital radio stations has been a difficult road until now.

Frontier Silicon announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the four commercial radio broadcasters that will deliver digital radio services on the new German DAB+ multiplex. The letter confirms that Frontier Silicon (a supplier of integrated circuits, and modules for digital audio receiver and network audio products) will enter into a four year advertising commitment with these broadcasters. The investment was made in order for this radio service’s launch to be successful, and it will become operational in 2011.

The national DAB+ multiplex will carry public services from Deutschlandradio and several leading commercial broadcasters. The network commences in Autumn 2011, and will provide the first nationwide commercial broadcast radio service in Germany since over 60 years ago.

“The launch of this national DAB+ service is validation that the DAB family remains the most widely adopted digital radio standard.”
said Anthony Sethill, CEO of Frontier Silicon.

“This commitment from Frontier is a key plank in the roll out of digital radio in Germany, one of the largest markets for consumer and automotive electronics in Europe.” said Helmut G. Bauer, representative of the commercial broadcasters, putting on his technology hat.

“This proves that all parties are working together to ensure the successful launch of digital radio in Germany”, said Helmut Egenbauer, head of Media Broadcast.

The launch of digital radio in Germany will be joined by services from Deutschlandradio, and also several powerful commercial broadcasters including: Regiocast Digital, Die Neue Welle (part of the Oschmann Group), LoungeFM and ERF Evangeliums Rundfunk. Three programs from the public broadcaster Deutschlandradio, and six from the commercial operators will be offered initially in 2011. The regional public broadcasters in Germany are also planning to launch their digital radio programs in 2011.