IBC Conference begins in Amsterdam

The IBC Conference has begun in Amsterdam, with a range of radio and broadcast companies showing off their best and newest products.



The opening conference keynote is critical to anyone interested in the Future of Broadcasting. Esteemed commentator Ray Snoddy hosts a trio of industry heavyweights who have navigated the media minefield to extraordinary success. Join BBC Worldwide ceo, John Smith, co-founder and chairman, Risk Capital Partners Luke Johnson and former chairman and chief executive of MTV International William H Roedy as they debate where the broadcast industry goes from here.



DRM invites you to a 3-day journey of discovery about digital radio at IBC.? The DRM events will feature performance updates, the latest technical innovations, live demonstrations and include a receiver showcase.

One of the main highlights of DRM’s presence at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam this year, is the showcasing of brand new receiver models and solutions. Nearly a dozen DRM receivers will be on display. Manufacturers MSWAY and Chengdu will present their new receivers for both DRM30 and DRM+. Existing receiver makers Uniwave and Himalaya will be displaying upgraded versions of their DRM radios. New DRM member Frontier Silicon will showcase a prototype DRM solution. The receivers range from USB devices to stand alone radios to car receivers to monitoring devices.

Companies Chengdu Newstar, Frontier Silicon,?Himalaya, MSway and Uniwave will present DRM? receiver solutions and brand new models coming?into the market, including radio, USB and car?receivers.  www.drm.org




Everything you wanted to know about Stereoscopic 3D – the technology, the technique, the business models and the future will be illustrated throughout the conference and exhibitor sessions in the IBC Big Screen. Plus don’t miss an incredible chance to join an exclusive free to attend session from James Cameron and Vince Pace where they explode the myths about 3D on Friday from 16:00. View all that is on the IBC Big Screen here.




Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of digital radio and connected audio technology has announced that its products and developments have become a significant factor in a large number of initiatives in radio which are showcased at IBC this year. This demonstrates the depth of Frontier Silicon’s activities in advanced radio technologies, including DAB/DAB+, DRM30/DRM+, hybrid radio and networked audio.

At IBC various DAB/DAB+ products using Frontier Silicon technology, including devices using colour touch-screen technology, are on show at the WorldDMB stand.

Interest in hybrid radio, the combination of broadcast and IP delivery for radio services, is growing within the broadcaster community and RadioDNS has developed a set of standards which are being adopted to bring the benefits of hybrid radio technology to the consumer. As a member of the RadioDNS organisation, Frontier Silicon is demonstrating product implementations of RadioVIS, the first commercial application of RadioDNS, on the EBU stand.


Early implementations of DRM30 and DRM+ digital radio standards running on Frontier Silicon’s Kino 3 radio processor, the most broadly used digital radio IC on the market today, are being demonstrated during IBC at various locations during the show. The DRM standards have been developed to address the digital radio needs of developing economies, and All India Radio has already announced its intention to use DRM30 as a significant part of its digitisation plans.


Frontier Silicon is also sponsoring the DLNA presence at IBC. Consumer awareness of DLNA is rapidly increasing, as network connectivity finds its way into an increasing number of audio and video devices. Frontier Silicon’s range of modules and software for networked audio products is fully DLNA-compliant and provides manufacturers with a fast time-to-market option for including this technology into table-top radios, micro hi-fi systems and iPhone dockers.