The Game Plan with Dr Nick Krasner

Now available on PodcastOne.

Dr Nick Krasner’s podcast The Game Plan is now available on and the PodcastOne app.
Focusing on the journey to success, The Game Plan outlines the psychology of goal setting and explains how to best work toward objectives.
Host Dr Nick Krasner is a GP with 25 years of experience specialising in psychology, and has dedicated the last decade to teaching professional sports players, soldiers, CEOs and everyday people how to be high achievers.
In launching the podcast, Grant Tothil Head of Podcasting at SCA noted, “this series really puts the microscope on changing your mindset and attitudes towards your personal performance and achieving your ambitions.

“Dr Nick Krasner does a great job of condensing complicated strategies into an accessible format that appeal to a wide audience. The Game Plan presentation style is informative in an entertaining and heart-felt manner, which lends significantly to its enduring relevance for people at all stages of life”.
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