From gargoyle to gorgeous – Zinc’s Ross Turner undergoes Renovation Rescue

He was described by Breakfast co-host Nugget as, “A gargoyle that had fallen out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down.” 

No one should have to work with such a crook looking boss. But now ​Staff at Zinc 96.1 are celebrating the final product of what has been a huge makeover for program director Ross Turner.

Dubbed “Ross’ Renovation Rescue”, Zinc 96.1 breakfast announcers Nugget & Al called upon the help of some local businesses to fix what many thought was a lost cause. Ross needed work on his mouth, head and body.

Over five days, Jeb & Shirley of Gympie Family Dental had his teeth moulded, ground back, given veneers, cemented his new teeth in place and given a round of botox into his forehead. Jeb believes the final product was a great success. “We had a huge job on our hands but managed to get him looking (almost) perfect”.
Thinking the job was done, Carolann from Hair Review stepped in and came on board to help out by giving Ross a haircut, colour, manicure, pedicure and a spray tan. Carolann also generously offered three listeners the haircut and colour, manicure and pedicure along with a spray tan.

How’s he look now? Watch the video, make over your own mind.


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