Zinc piles on 10 formats in 10 days

Here’s the promo… cup right ear with right hand and use your deepest register to talk into a serving spoon:

IMAGINE… if a radio station played every type of different music you could think of…

IMAGINE… if a radio station actually took note of what the audience said, and truly listened to feedback.

Well right now on Zinc 96.1, that’s actually happening!


Zinc 96 is playing 10 different Formats over 10 Days. A brand new music format every day.

Exciting ha? While Content Director, Ross Turner, was writing this up the Sunshine Coast station was playing Elvis Presley’s Wooden Heart.

On Day One the GREAT RADIO EXPERIMENT started at 8am with Zinc’s Nugget and Al launching into the “Sensational 60’s” and that’s all they played all day.

“There’s 10 Formats in 10 Days, and we’re taking feedback and votes online at radiozinc.com.au, on Facebook. The phones have been running hot with mixed reactions all day,” says Turner

Other formats to come include: Easy Listening, The 80’s, 90’s, Naughties and new stuff. “Maybe even a talk format for one of the days,” says Turner.

“At the end of this 10 day music feature we will deliver the radio station that our listeners have told us they want.”

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