Geelong’s 3GL to return 34 years after switch-off

In an intriguing development for radio and history enthusiasts, the Geelong Advertiser‘s former station 3GL, ‘switched off’ in 1990, is set to return to the airwaves on April 1st (we are assured this is not an April Fool’s prank).

3GL first went to air in 1930 and though based in Geelong, its signal could be heard across most of the Melbournemetropolitan area. It was home to big radio names like Gene Fisk, Don Lunn, Denis Scanlan, Gary Newton, Tim Hind, Rod Poynter, Ric Ditchburn and Don Crawford. 

The 3GL call sign remained up until 1990, when the station underwent a conversion to FM and became K Rock, which spelled the end for the 1341 AM licence. Subsequently, a new narrowcast licence with that frequency was auctioned by ACMA and Geelong Broadcasters was the successful bidder.

Our sister publication Radio Today has more on the comeback, including an interview with Geelong Broadcasters General Manager Rachel Patterson.

Ahead of this revival, former 3GL staffers, Rod McLure and Gary Newton, have created a podcast titled “The Station | Remembering 3GL,” exploring the station’s history and its impact on the Geelong community.

The series offers insights into 3GL’s past, sharing stories and anecdotes from those who were integral to its operations. The first episode reflects on the station’s supposed end in 1990 and its unexpected comeback 34 years later, offering a unique perspective on the station’s journey and its place in the community.

The first episode will be released on Thursday 28 March, listen to a preview here.

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