Getting into radio: Be persistent but don’t be a pain in the arse

Leroy Brown’s Airheads podcast interviews leaders in the radio business with the aim of getting the best tips for anyone aspiring to a career in radio.
According to Leroy, the top 5 tips on breaking into the radio industry across from the people have interviewed are:

Don’t be scared of rejection
Don’t be scared of moving to the Country
Give everything a go – even if it doesn’t interest you
Persistence pays off
Be bold and take risks (that my not work).

This week Leroy talks to SCA Newcastle Group PD Mike Byrne to get his tips.
Byrne advises: “Be persistent, but don’t be a pain in the arse. You need to come into this business with a strong work ethic and a hunger to learn, if you have that we can teach you the skills. Having the ability to turn your hand to anything that comes your way is one of the most important skills.
“We are quick to identify those who have the skills and work ethic.”

The full set of Airhead podcasts can be found here.


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