GfK’s 360 data rollout delayed until later this year

The public release of integrated digital data from GfK’s Radio360 ratings system has been delayed for a few surveys until Australia’s radio industry has a chance to bed down the system.

Digital data will still be collected, but will not be integrated into the publicly released charts until mid year. It was expected to be released to market in Survey 1.

CRA chief executive Ford Ennals says preparations for the launch of the new hybrid Radio360 radio audience measurement system “are well advanced” but need “time for review and staff training.”

“GfK will deliver Survey 1 in the new Radio360 format to the commercial radio industry on 16 March 2023. However, this data will only be released internally to radio networks to enable time for review and staff training. The Survey 1 results to be released publicly will be based on the existing diary methodology,” says Ennals.

“We expect to confirm readiness for media agency briefings and the market launch of Radio360 in the first half of 2023. The new hybrid approach to radio ratings drawing on different data sources will allow us to better measure and validate the radio audience and break out the growing reach and influence of radio’s streaming audience. We look forward to sharing the results with you soon.”

Radio360 will integrate more digital measurement methods into the diary system, including a limited amount of people meter monitoring data plus digital data directly from the streaming services such as Radio App, SCA’s Listnr, iHeart Radio and  online web streaming. ABC Listen app and streaming data will also be included during the year.

This digital data is currently gathered through the diary method, but the direct ingest of digital data is expected to give a more accurate measurement of how people listen to live radio on apps and via online streaming.

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John Musgrove is now head of research for CRA

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