Is this the greatest political radio interview of all time?

The dentally challenged British ex-pat comic, John Oliver, now a hugely successful current affairs host on HBO in the United States, turned his satirical sights towards New Zealand this week and zeroed in on the Radio Hauraki Breakfast show.

What caught his ear was Hauraki’s Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells and Laura McGoldrick’s regular segment ‘Thank You For Your Honesty’ where they ask their studio guests 10 irreverent questions for which they expect honest answers.

On this occasion, their guest was Kiwi Prime Minister John Key who admitted, live on air, that he wees in the shower. He went on to reveal that he’d stolen stuff and that he didn’t think the Virgin Mary was a virgin. Also he didn’t “trim his downstairs” and he had never sent a “dick pic”.

This, according to John Oliver, was perhaps, ”greatest political interview of all time.”

You be the judge…

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