Grill Team to begin 18 hour work-out at ‘The Gym’

Triple M Sydney’s The Grill Team are taking over and broadcasting live from a pub on Friday.

Matty Johns, Mark Geyer and Gus Worland have re-named the Southern Cross Hotel in Sydney’s St Peters ‘The Gym.’  “So… you can tell your missus you’re going to The Gym! It’s genius,” said the team.

Triple M Sydney is set to broadcast live all day from ‘The Gym’ tomorrow from 6am until midnight. The broadcast beings with The Grill Team, goes through to drive show Merrick & The Highway Patrol and Rock of Ages with Dave Gleeson. The Angels with will perform live at 9.30pm with Triple M’s Dave Gleeson.


The boys have essentially built their dream pub, with celebrity guests behind the bar including Lauryn Eagle, Dicko, Billy Birmingham and Scott Cam.  There’s free pool all day, meat trays, pub meal specials, and a chocolate wheel. There will be football on the televisions all day and Friday Night Footy on the big screen.