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If  you work in programming, then you know that radio is all about the music. But here’s the thing. Every format has basically the same core library. You’ve got it, and your competition has got it. So, how do you make your music stand out? The answer has a lot to do with the how that music is scheduled. If you can schedule smarter, if you can schedule better, you win.

GSelector has the toolbox that enables you to do just that. Once you’ve created a station,  designed your clocks and coded all the songs, GSelector can create a schedule based on each song’s natural demand. It will analyze the library to determine the demand for certain attributes, for example, how many fast and slow songs by both core artists and fringe artists. Then, it can automatically spread out plays by fringe artists. On the other hand, if you want to go by the rules, familiar from Selector 12 and 15, then you can program songs by minimum separation and daypart rotation.

GSelector’s native multistation database allows you to schedule multiple stations at the same time. Cross-station protection prevents same song airplay on multiple stations. You can also upload your research scores right into GSelector to improve the sound of your station in minutes.

GSelector’s Format Parent feature ensures that child stations can inherit all the parent’s attributes. This can save time when programming stations with variation on your parent. Say you’re programming a terrestrial classic rock station. You can program a web stream or other outlets with deep cuts, different tracks or different rules, but still having the same attributes as the parent station.

With GSelector’s Schedule Subscription Service, you can subscribe to a published schedule from a different station in the same or a different database anywhere in the world. Perhaps you want to copy the midnight – 5  AM schedule for New York and use it in Los Angeles. There’s no need to export the file to the target station.  It’s perfect for simulcasting overnights or special programming. The entire schedule can simply be time-shifted.

Some recurring programs just don’t follow the clock. For example, segments that occur at sunrise or sunset. Just tell GSelector the rules, and the time will be automatically shifted.

Programming a radio station, or stations, isn’t always a 9 to 5 job. But with Selector2GO, you can log in from your PC, your Mac, or any other mobile device anywhere, anytime to perform tasks such as creating or editing schedules, working on the song library, or doing an analysis of the schedule.

And don’t feel intimidated. Just because GSelector has a lot of tools and flexibility doesn’t mean you need to use everything all at once. Scheduling with GSelector can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Start small, learn the ropes, then become a power user.


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