triple j comings and goings

Veronica returns to Drive, Gen back on Lunch, farewell Alex. 

Veronica Milsom returns to triple j Drive show, Veronica & Lewis, on Mon 23 July.
Veronica said “I can’t wait to be back at triple j. For me, the sooner I exchange baby spew rags for tune rags the better.”
Gen Fricker filled in for Veronica on Drive this year, helping Gen & Lewis get their very own billboard in Tasmania.
Co-host Lewis Hobba said “If I’d known that Gen joining the show would result in 9 months of non-stop savagery and lies about my character I would have flat-out refused to work with her.

“But I’m so glad I didn’t because we’ve had so much fun on and off air and I’m excited that she’s going to keep popping by as a regular guest after 3pm to keep being a very funny pain in my arse”.

Gen said “I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the intellectual tone and high level of discussion of the triple j Drive show. Unfortunately, I didn’t take up that opportunity and will now live with the fact I spent the last nine months dumbing down the nation and spreading misinformation about Lewis. I regret nothing.”

Gen will slide back into her regular Lunch shift on Mon 23 July, but will continue on Drive as a regular special guest on Veronica & Lewis
With Gen back in the slot, Alex ‘Dyso’ Dyson wraps up his stint presenting Lunch. His last show is this Fri 22 June.

Stacy Gougoulis,will cover Lunch for four weeks until Gen Fricker returns to the show full time on Mon 23 July.