Gus Worland’s 30 Nights of Nookie

Triple M Grill Team’s Gus Worland revealed on air today that he has signed up for Durex’s ‘30 Nights of Nookie’ challenge.

The campaign encourages people to have sex every night for 30 days to boost intimacy with their partner. It all starts on September 1st.

There might be one hole in Gus’ plan. He admitted he hasn’t mentioned it to his wife yet.

He joked about keeping a blog of his upcoming challenge, or even wearing a Go Pro camera on his head. He also said he was happy for listeners to suggest theme nights, just to keep it interesting!

Giving just a little bit too much information to his listeners, Worland said:

“I thought it would be fun. I mean, we’re coming up for nearly 20 years of marriage, you need to throw a few little curveballs in there every now and again.

“She’s loving the new slighter frame, and I’m shaved down as well too…

“I can’t make love on a Friday night. If I hear Rabs’ voice echoing through the house, or Hadley, you know after 9:30pm, I can’t make love to that! If The Roosters have a big win, that’s different! Sonny Bill… Sonny Bill!”

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