Guy Dobson: ‘Sitting on the fence only gives you splinters on the privates’

Survey 5 wasn’t a bad one for SCA with Triple M remaining rock steady, while for the Hit Network in Perth, HIT 92.9 enjoyed a solid gain of 0.7 and there was an encouraging 0.2 uptick for 2Day in Sydney with 0.3’s worth of green shots for Em Rusciano and Harley Breen’s breakfast show.

radioinfo caught up with Guy Dobson and asked about the confidence Grant Blackley expressed in the 2Day breakfast show last week during the financial results interview with radioinfo.

Do you share his views. What is your assessment of breakfast on 2Day with these results?

“The show sounds great. Getting better every day and garnering a rabid fan base. Its solid and they’re doing some interesting stuff. It’s different. Its working for us. We look forward to the next 8 surveys.”

Em’s been in the news quite a lot lately, much of it very personal and controversial. Is that paying off and are you looking for her to do more of the same?

“Em’s just being Em. That’s what we hired her for. Opinions win. Sitting on the fence only gives you splinters on the privates.”

What happened to the Hit brand in Melbourne and Brisbane, but particularly Adelaide?

“Adelaide’s weird. You don’t take a hit like that without changing format and we certainly haven’t done that. I’ll put it down to a blemish. Melbourne solid – Fox still number one breakfast. Brisbane has had growth all year so we’ll get it back next book.”

For Triple M, is a flat result (no gain, no loss) like they got in Sydney and Melbourne a good result, or is it kind of frustrating like a draw in football?

“Never really think about flat books like a draw in football.  We always like them pointing north though. Flats better than south.”

What would you argue were the veral highlights for SCA in Survey 5?

“Triple M’s network growth, Em and Harley putting on 15 thousand more listeners, 2Day putting on 35,000 more listeners , Fox at number one in Melbourne , 5MMM Breakfast with Roo and Dits number one in Adelaide and Mix back to number one in Perth. That’ll do.”

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