Guy Noble replaces Lawrence on ABC Local Radio

Former ABC Classic FM presenter Guy Noble has replaced Christopher Lawrence on the Sunday Evening program heard each week on ABC local radio from 7pm.

‘Sunday Evenings with Guy Noble’ will retain many of the elements set in place by former presenter Christopher Lawrence, with a few new additions. Popular segments The Diva Speaks and Food with Belinda Jaffrey will remain. Noble will also continue the philosophical line of questioning begun with the Dear Socrates segment, with his own take on the subject called The Book of Morals.

Noble will also explore his fascination with weird and wonderful words in a new segment celebrating language. A larger injection of music will also feature as part of the program, with the concert-trained Noble performing live on the ABC’s grand piano.

Guy Noble studied piano at the Sydney Conservatorium before travelling to London with an Australia Council Scholarship. He worked in London for four years, joining the BBC as a presenter on Radio 3.

Since returning to Australia, he has conducted all the major symphony orchestras both in recording and concert and numerous music theatre productions. He presented the first series of Dimensions in Time for ABC TV and is also an author and composer.