For Hadley, it’s business as usual

Despite pleas from management that he take the week off, Ray Hadley was back in the studio this morning, as usual.

Following a week in which his son was arrested for alleged cocaine possession, Hadley told listeners at the beginning of his top rating 2GB and networked Morning show, “I have never hidden from my shortcomings, of which there are many, and I’m here today to do what I do best, get on with it and lead by example for my son and my family,”
Hadley said he’d come to work early to reply to the hundreds of emails sent by (mostly) well wishers  –  among them a man who wrote, “My son, five years ago, saved the life of his 14 year old daughter. He simply said, my son saved his daughter. And I said to the father by reply, that’s the young bloke I know and I love.”

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