Hadley not happy with Jonesy

It was celebrity central at the big Channel Nine bash to celebrate newsreader Peter Overton’s 50th Birthday.
Among the honoured guests was perhaps the greatest of all Australian television news anchors, Brian Henderson. Also in attendance was 2GB’s Ray Hadley and WSFM’s Brendan Jones of Jonesy and Amanda fame.
Clearly Hadley doesn’t think much of Jonesy who he accuses of sucking up to the media and calls him an “FM Shock Jock.” Jonesy, shocking?
But Hadley left his greatest insult to the Harley-Davidson riding Jonesy till last, telling his listeners that he rode to the function on a mo-ped.
What caused this outpouring of outrage from Hadley? Something to do with a mobile phone ringing in the middle of the speeches. 

Hadley then called through as an ‘anonymous caller’ to Jonesy & Amanda to discuss the ‘incident’.


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