Hamish & Andy’s launch for community radio

During their People’s Launch Party, Hamish & Andy put the fight for ratings aside as they helped launch the Gippsland FM and SYN Nation program Sundown.
The duo interviewed Sundown host Caitlyn about her show before unveiling a highly produced promo their team had made for her.
It was filled with celebrity cameos, a deep voiced voiceover guy, transitional sound effects and blaring EDM.
Sundown airs on Gippsland FM Wednesday 5-6PM before being repeated on SYN Nation later in the week.
In launching the program, the duo also gave a little back to SYN, the station that fostered their rise to commercial radio.
Listen to the audio below.
Read more about Hamish and Andy’s launch party here.

Caitlyn took a youth training course at Gippsland FM when the station advertised for participants, with the objective to recruit more youth. After her training, Caitlyn now produces her show in the studios of Gippsland FM.

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