SCA ramps up audience engagement with Facebook Live

Over the past few weeks, SCA has been working with Facebook, talent and clients to bring unique audience experiences to Facebook Live.

Rove & Sam are using it to engage with their audience in new ways  – hosting regular Q&As with their fans. Responding to questions in real time via the Facebook Live video stream, they’re inviting fans to interact in ways never seen before.
Hamish & Andy are bringing in-show segments to life, allowing audiences to watch pivotal show moments as they play out live on air. They used Facebook Live to live stream the horse race which determined the future of Larry the giant endangered fibreglass lobster – watch here
Client integration is also reaching new heights – with a Facebook Live interview for ANZ between Jules Lund and Novak Djokovic amplified nationally across the hit network – here.
SCA’s Social Media Director Kate Pattison said “This is just the beginning for Facebook Live and SCA with more exciting Live content coming over the next few months for both our brands. We’re so excited about the future of live visualised radio and entertainment.” 

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