Happy day for triple j and ABC Radio Perth

Michael Mason tells what went right.

It is rare for a change of talent in a major shift to have a substantial positive impact from the get go. Lightning struck, not once but twice, on Survey Day for ABC Radio.

In Perth, despite new presenters in Breakfast, Peter Bell, and Drive, Belinda Varischetti, 720ABC (now rebranded ABC Radio Perth, but still listed in the surveys as 720ABC) surged 1.6 percentage points in overall share, (Mon-Sun) to land in third place in that market.

In Adelaide, on triple j, local lads Ben & Liam took the Breakfast Show for the national youth network from a 5.9 share to 8.2 which propelled the station to a 9.2 and equal 5th with Triple M in that market.

To find out what went so right for Aunty on the second Tuesday of March we asked ABC Head of Radio, Michael Mason

Of what contributed to 720’s success he told radioinfo, “I think the two things were. 1. A strong interest in the election and I think there was particularly creative and lateral coverage by the team -very positive very much the pulse of the city. We also had a good strong cricket season.

Peter Bell (far left), who started in October last year, is probably just getting into his rhythm and I think Belinda (left) has been warm and welcoming on air to listeners. I was just there last week and I must say the station sounds like the result it got.”


triple j? 

“triple j did exceptionally well and I think we can point to a few clear things,” says Mr Mason.“Ben & Liam, the breakfast hosts being Adelaide boys (is one) and on top of that, the Hottest 100. 

“They created lots of local noise with a lot more publicity a lot more awareness around them.They had quite a strong following on community radio (they were on Fresh FM prior to triple j). So, I guess some of that’s translated across.”

While Ben & Liam managed to hold their own in other markets, the “local boys made good” narrative didn’t work in  Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane near as well as it did in their hometown of Adelaide. Perth, perennially triple j’s best performer, however, enjoyed a decent gain.

Nonetheless, given the strength of their predecessors, Mr Mason is very pleased with the results so far for this very young team that he is convinced will appeal to the j’s core demographic of 18-24s. 

They’re 20 and 21 and this first survey is a great result considering how strong Matt and Alex were in some of those other markets like Sydney and Melbourne. These guys, who are far younger,  different background and different outlook… to be able to hold the audience of 18-24’s – which is the area that really matters to triple j is pretty amazing, I think, considering how competitive that demographic is,” said Mr Mason (below left).

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