Heidi Anderson pops bottles for her new podcast

Heidi Anderson has launched her new podcast Champagne Confidence to uplift women and share her self confidence secrets.

The former Hit92.9 radio host created the series to help inspire confidence by using the same techniques that got her out of past slumps, showing how everyone can love themselves with the same confidence brought on by champagne inebriation – sober. 

Heidi doesn’t hide the fact that she has had a rocky road to contend with when it comes to body image and self-confidence.

Recently Heidi spoke with The West Australian about her confidence journey.

I still remember, I used to look in the mirror and every single nasty thing I could say about myself would come up,” Anderson said.

People think ‘Oh my god, Heidi is confident. She has posted photos naked when she was pregnant, she walks through shopping centres in her bra and undies and puts herself on billboards.”

“I often wouldn’t even go out in public without covering my arms up; I would wear a cardigan in the middle of summer.”

…I want them to know it’s the little confidence kicks I have done every day that have turned me into the person I am. Those are the things that truly work.”

Detailing the show’s premise on Facebook, Heidi tells listeners they can find the peace they’re looking for, but they need to do the work.

We all know that girl drunk on champagne, right? She’s confident in herself, her manner, her desires – she’s full of love for herself. She knows what she wants, and you’re not going to stop her,” Anderson says.

What if you could be that confident girl all the time? Without being drunk on champagne? I’m here to tell you it’s possible, but you’ve got to do the workYou can have that confidence.

Think of this as your weekly Sunday session, you’ll no longer have to pop bottles to find that confidence or deal with your anxiety.”

Following the birth of her son in 2019, Heidi left Hit92.9 with the thought she would return to radio when her son was older.

After discovering the flexibility of podcasting, Heidi will now remain at home, balancing motherhood and podcasting.

Listen to Champagne Confidence here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts