2GN’s Michael Prevedello retires from radio

Michael Prevedello has retired from radio, leaving behind his Goulburn radio station 2GN to enjoy retirement and some writing amid finishing his Theology degree. 

‘Prev’ joined 2GN in 1973, enjoying 18 years of radio and taking out the Australian Commercial Radio Award for Best News Presenter in the country category in 2019.

From 1986 to 2017, Prev had a sabbatical from radio to manage his family’s boarding house and Goulburn’s Magnet Mart before returning to the airwaves and nurturing his newfound love for writing. 

Prev spoke with the Goulburn Post about the discovery and how it led him to the next phase of his life.

In this second stint in the media, I’ve discovered my love of writing and this is from a guy who didn’t do too well at English,” said Prev.

I love the investigation, the inquiry and the people I meet, which is also focused in a reasonably hard way in the term I’m serving on the council.”

The newly-elected councillor interviewed many people, but two standouts were Kamahl and Bob Hawke before becoming Prime Minister of Australia. 

He now trades the early mornings for family time, the relaxation of retirement and the philosophical pondering of God.

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