Heidi seeks revenge, making Will & Woody take a wee 60m drop

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, so why not serve it up a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand. That is exactly what fun and fearless Heidi did to hit92.9‘s Will & Woody to signify the end of Heidi’s Cosmo Campaign yesterday.
Campaign managers, Will & Woody, have well and truly put Heidi to the test to prove she has what it takes to be named Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female of the Year.

They have played on her fears, her weaknesses, thrown her into the spotlight and off cliffs, but The Boys finally had their comeuppance after Heidi challenged them to a dare of their own … The Nevis Swing.
Just when you think Will and Woody’s bromance can’t get any deeper, the boys were strapped into a harness straddling each other 160m above the valley floor.
Shaking in pure terror, Will & Woody dangled, suspended in the air, waiting to accelerate through a 300m arc at over 125km per hour … that is, until Heidi releases them and there is nothing but the sound of high pitched screams.
Thankfully, they survive and come out of it relatively unscathed … apart from Woody having a little accident all over Will.
You decide if Will & Woody are as fun and fearless as Heidi.


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