New website for SCA’s female entertainment brand

The new site will see expand its editorial offering beyond its celebrity and pop culture origins to include new verticals across Food, Tech and Travel – categories that the entertainment platform’s female audience are highly engaged with.  

Scoopla creates original content daily and by plugging into SCA‘s Hit Network on-air, talent and social assets is able to offer an enhanced entertainment experience for its fans via strengthened editorial, video and audio.

Head of Digital Content Chris McWilliams said:

“Scoopla’s entertainment offering in Australia is beyond all others in the market – it is dedicated light entertainment for women in Australia. We don’t try to be anything we are not and don’t preach or pander. Scoopla’s brand personality and tone of voice, is down to earth and we don’t take our spot in Australians newsfeeds for granted. We must provide a qualitative content offering that makes us stand out and grab the audience’s attention. This launch allows us to step-up our coverage whilst continuing to have our fans at heart of everything we do. It’s fundamental to SCA’s broader digital content strategy.”

The new is an intuitive, mobile-first product, designed to optimise the device reading and sharing experience. 
Head of Digital Product Chris Johnson said: “The re-launch of Scoopla is an important milestone for SCA’s digital portfolio. We’ve built the new product to deliver a better consumer experience, deeper social integration and much stronger commercial capability. This enables us to offer clients tightly-integrated native solutions or high-impact mobile rich media, all optimised using data and the ability to amplify further across the Hit Network and Vevo.”

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