Heidi surprises Will & Woody with little miracle thanks to egg donor hunt

It was warm-fuzzies all around in the studio as Heidi surprised Will & Woody with two adorable miracle babies, one as a result of hit92.9’s 2015 Easter Egg Donor Hunt, one just determined to be born!
Last year, Heidi introduced The Boyz to her friend Sharon who unfortunately, after a seven year struggle, nine rounds of IVF and five unsuccessful artificial inseminations, was out of eggs and unable to have children. 
“We discovered I had a very low ovarian reserve, so that didn’t really help my IVF cause,” said Sharon.
“I unfortunately had a lot less than the average person.”
After learning that, on average, only one egg is donated each year to Australian women in need, Heidi, Will & Woody decided to conduct a different type of egg hunt in the lead up to Easter.
In the week and a half that followed Heidi, Will & Woody’s initial call for egg donors, the Concept Fertility Centre saw an increase of over 99% in donor enquiries, going from the average of 3 in that time, to over 400 enquiries! 
It was through hit92.9 that Sharon met Shannon.
A mother to a beautiful little boy, Shannon heard Sharon’s story and decided to act, calling up during the Heidi, Will & Woody breakfast show and offering to donate one of her eggs!
As the ladies went off with their fertility missions, Will & Woody eventually fell out of the loop and didn’t know the eventual surprise outcome that involved more than one baby!

Hear Sharon and Shannon’s story, as well as Heidi give The Boyz a shock

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