Hughesy FINALLY pranks Kate

Over the past 15 years, Kate Langbroek has pranked her on air partner Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes consistently and elaborately.
Everything from:

But yesterday on KIIS Network National Drive Show, for the first time in their 15 year partnership, the tables were turned.
You may be familiar with Kate’s legendary catfishing catching alter ego “Barb”. Barb engages with catfishing scammers, often for weeks at a time.
While they are pretending to be falling in love with her, all in an attempt to extort her for money, she strings them along and gives us all a glimpse and fantastic warning into this desperate, sad, and often dangerous, world.

But today, Kate/Barb was in for a huge shock.
While in character as Barb and on the phone to her latest scammer Edwin, things took an unexpected turn when Edwin told Barb he wanted to see her … Now.
And then walked straight into the studio mid phone call!
The surprised and shocked look on Kate’s face was priceless! And well worth the 15-year wait as far as Hughesy is concerned.
Little did Barb/Kate know that Hughesy had been busy behind the scenes and had hired an actor, Prosper, to play the part of Edwin the scammer right from the start and all the phone calls were leading up to this very moment.

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